Access all points of the WebSocket and HTTP API.

Binary Sensor

Creates a binary sensor entity in Home Assistant that is controlled from with Node-RED.


Creates a button in Home Assistant that triggers a flow in Node-RED

Call Service

Sends a request to home assistant for any domain and service available ( light/turn_on, input_select/select_option, etc..)

Current State

Fetches the last known state for any entity on input


Creates device automations and calls device actions

Device Config

Configuration node for devices added to Home Assistant


Creates an entity in Home Assistant which can be manipulated from this node

Entity Config

Configuration node for the different entity type nodes

Events: all

Listens for all types of events from home assistant with the ability to filter by event type

Events: state

Listens for only state_changed events from home assistant

Fire Event

Fire an event on the event bus

Get Entities

Get entities based on search criteria with 3 different output options

Get History

Fetches HomeAssistant history on input

Poll State

Outputs the state of an entity at regular intervals, optionally also at startup and every time the entity changes if desired

Render Template

Allows rendering of templates on input


Creates a sensor entity in Home Assistant that is controlled from with Node-RED.

Server Config

Home Assistant connection configuration


Creates a switch entity in Home Assistant that is controlled from with Node-RED. Also allows a flow to be started from a service call.


Outputs when Home Assistant receives a tag scanned event for a configured tag id


A node that can be scheduled to trigger at a future date and time from a Home Assistant entity

Trigger: state

Much like the State Changed Node however, provides some advanced functionality around common automation use cases

Update Config

Allows updating of entities configuration in Home Assistant

Wait Until

When an input is received the node will wait until the condition is met or the timeout occurs then will pass on the last received message


Outputs the data received from the created webhook in Home Assistant


Outputs when one of the configured entities enter or leaves one of the defined zones