Poll State

Polls for the state at regular intervals, optionally also outputting at the start and when the state changes. Useful for either alert for non-communicating devices (time since change > 1 day for example) or dashboard graphs with consistent interval charts


Entity ID required

The entity id of the entity to poll for.

Update Interval

  • Type: number

The amount of time between checking/sending updates.

If State

  • Type: string

If the conditional statement is evaluated as true send the message to the first output otherwise send it to the second output. If blank there will only be one output.

Also see:

State Type

  • Type: string

Convert the state of the entity to the selected type. Boolean will be converted to true based on if the string is equal by default to (y|yes|true|on|home|open). Original value stored in msg.data.original_state

Output Initially

  • Type: boolean

Output once on startup/deploy then on each interval

Expose to Home Assistant

  • Type: boolean

Creates a switch within Home Assistant to enable/disable this node. This feature requires Node-RED custom integrationopen in new window to be installed in Home Assistant



  • Type: string

entity_id of changed entity


  • Type: object

The last known state of the entity


  • Type: string

Human readable format string of time since last updated, example "1 hour ago"


  • Type: number

Number of milliseconds since last changed