Events: state

Outputs state_changed event types sent from Home Assistant

The autocomplete will open to allow easier selection in the case you want a specific entity however the actual match is a substring match so no validation is done


Entity ID required

  • Type: string|regex

matches for entity_id field

Custom ids can be inserted into the list by adding a # at the end of the id

Entity ID Filter Types required

  • Type: string
  • Values: exact|substring|regex
  • Default: exact

Substring can be a comma-delimited list.

If State

  • Type: string

If the conditional is evaluated as true send the message to the first output otherwise send it to the second output. If blank there will only be one output.

Also see:


  • Type: number

An amount of time an entity's state needs to be in that state before triggering.


Output on Connect state changes will not start a timer.

State Type

  • Type: string
  • Values: string|number|boolean
  • Default: string

Convert the state of the entity to the selected type. Boolean will be converted to true based on if the string is equal by default to (y|yes|true|on|home|open). Original value stored in

Ignore state change event

  • Type: boolean

A list of possible states that will be ignored.

Output on Connect

  • Type: boolean

Output once on startup/deploy

Expose to Home Assistant

  • Type: boolean

Creates a switch within Home Assistant to enable/disable this node. This feature requires Node-RED custom integrationopen in new window to be installed in Home Assistant


Value types:

  • event data: full event object
  • entity id: entity id of the triggered entity
  • entity state: entity state of the triggered entity
  • config: config properties of the node