# Get Entities

Get Entities based on search criteria

# Configuration

# Search Criteria

All search criteria have to be true for an entity to be valid.

# Property

Has autocompleted with all properties currently set on all loaded entities.

# Inputs

# payload

  • Type: Object

Override config values by passing in a property with a valid value.

  • rules array
    • property string
    • logic string
    • value string
    • valueType string
  • outputType string
  • outputEmptyResults boolean
  • outputLocationType string
  • outputLocation string
  • outputResultscount number

# Outputs

# Array

  • Type: Array

Sends an array of state objects from search criteria to the Output Location.

# Count

  • Type: number

Return the total count of valid entities.

# Random

  • Type: Object|Array

Return a random object or array from the available state objects to the Output Location. When One Max Results is selected it will return an object and when more than one is selected will always return an array of state objects.

# Split

  • Type: msg part

Sends a message for each state object. In the same format as if the split node was used.

# State Object Format

Sample output when the Output Type is an array:

    "entity_id": "light.kitchen",
    "state": "on",
    "attributes": {
      "brightness": 243,
      "friendly_name": "Kitchen Light",
      "supported_features": 33,
      "icon": "mdi:light-switch"
    "last_changed": "2019-12-29T05:38:53.016984+00:00",
    "last_updated": "2019-12-29T05:38:53.016984+00:00",
    "context": {
      "id": "6c16e348494c42fb8c8e8bda92b20fb2",
      "parent_id": null,
      "user_id": null
    "timeSinceChangedMs": 3466747

# entity_id

  • Type: string

The entity to which this state belongs

# state

  • Type: string

Main attribute state value, examples: 'on', 'off', 'home', 'open', 'closed', etc...

# attributes

  • Type: Object

Supported attributes of state set by Home Assistant

# last_changed

  • Type: string

ISO Date string of last time entity state changed

# timeSinceChangedMs

  • Type: number

Milliseconds since last time entity state changed

# last_updated

  • Type: string

ISO Date string of last time entity state was updated

# context

  • Type: Object

Information on who/what changed the state of this object last.

# References