Current State

Returns the current state of an entity. Useful for using conditional logic to automation flows.


Entity ID required

The id of the entity to return.

If State

  • Type: string

If the conditional statement is evaluated as true send the message to the first output otherwise send it to the second output. If blank there will only be one output.

Also see:


  • Type: number

The amount of time the entity state needs to constant for the "If state" to be true

State Type

  • Type: string
  • Values: string|number|boolean
  • Default: string

Convert the state of the entity to the selected type. Boolean will be converted to true based on if the string is equal by default to (y|yes|true|on|home|open). Original value stored in

Block Input Overrides

  • Type: boolean
  • Default: false

Stop msg.payload values from overriding local config



  • Type : string

    Overrides or sets the entity id for which the current state is being fetched


Value types:

  • entity: full entity object
  • entity id: entity id of the triggered entity
  • entity state: entity state of the triggered entity
  • config: config properties of the node