# Config

# Protocol required

  • Type: string
  • Values: websocket|http
  • Default: websocket

Protocol to use to access Home Assistant API.

# Method

  • Type: string
  • Values: get|post

Type of method to use to access the HTTP endpoint.

# Path

URL of the API endpoint.

# Params

A JSON object with key/value pairs that will be converted into URL parameters.

# Data

JSON Object to send for WebSocket requests and HTTP posts.

# Results

  • Type: string

    Location to save the API results.

# Input

All properties need to be under msg.payload.

# protocol

  • Type: string
  • Values: websocket|http

Overrides or sets the protocol property of the config.

# method

  • Type: string
  • Values: get|post

Overrides or sets the method property of the config.

# path

  • Type: string

Overrides or sets the path property of the config.

# data

  • Type: Object|string

Overrides or sets the data/params property of the config.

# location

  • Type: string

Overrides or sets the results property of the config.

# locationType

  • Type: string
  • Values: msg|flow|global

Overrides or sets the results type property of the config.

# Output

Will output the results received from the API call to the location defined in the config.

# References