# Events: all

Listens for all types of events from Home Assistant with the ability to filter by event type.

# Configuration

# Name

  • Type: string

the name of the node

# Event Type

  • Type: string

filter by event type or leave blank for all events


Leaving this empty will listen for all events from Home Assistant which may overload the WebSocket message queue.

GitHub Issue #153 (opens new window)

# Output only after Home Assistant is running

  • Type: boolean

What until Home Assistant has reported its state as running before outputing events. Client events will always output.

# Expose to Home Assistant

  • Type: boolean

Creates a switch within Home Assistant to enable/disable this node. This feature requires Node-RED custom integration (opens new window) to be installed in Home Assistant

# Outputs

# topic

  • Type: string

Will contain the event type.

# event_type

  • Type: string

Event type of the event.

# payload

  • Type: object

original event object

# origin

  • Type: string

# time_fired

  • Type: DateTime

# context

  • Type: object

# Client Events

Use home_assistant_client as the event type to receive events from the Websocket client.

Events sent from the client:

  • connecting - when trying to connect to HA
  • connected - after the authorization has been accepted
  • disconnected - when the socket stops attempting to connect or disconnected after having been connected
  • error - when a disconnect happens of the WebSocket with an error
  • states_loaded - the first time all states are loaded from HA
  • services_loaded - the first time all services are loaded from HA
  • running - when HA is in a running state and states have been loaded