Events: calendar

Outputs calendar item events similar to the calendar automation in Home Assistant


Entity ID required

  • Type: string

The entity_id for the calendar that contains triggerable calendar items.

Relative To required

  • Type: start | end
  • Default: start

Whether to trigger an event at the start or end of each matching calendar item.

Offset required

  • Type: number
  • Default: 0 seconds

A negative or positive amount of time to allow the event to be triggered before or after the calendar item's start/end time.


This node has two default outputs "allowed" and "blocked". If all the conditions are true the calendar item will be sent to the output.

See Also:

Expose to Home Assistant

  • Type: boolean

Creates a switch within Home Assistant to enable/disable this node. This feature requires Node-RED custom integrationopen in new window to be installed in Home Assistant


Value types:

  • calendar item: the calendar item object as provided by the Home Assistant API