# Call Service

Sends a request to home assistant for any domain and service available (light/turn_on, input_select/select_option, etc..)

# Configuration

# Domain required

Service domain to call

# Service required

Service service to call

# Entity Id

A comma-delimited list of entity ids.


If entity_id exists in the data property it will have precedence over this value.

# Data

JSON object to pass along.

# Merge Context

  • Type: string

If defined will attempt to merge the global and flow context variable into the config

# Alternative Template Tags

  • Type: boolean

Will change the tags used for mustache template to <% and %>

# Input

All properties need to be under msg.payload.

# Merging

If the incoming message has a payload property with domain, service set it will override any config values if set.

If the incoming message has a payload.data that is an object or parsable into an object these properties will be merged with any config values set.

If the node has a property value in its config for Merge Context then the flow and global contexts will be checked for this property which should be an object that will also be merged into the data payload.

# Merge Resolution

As seen above the data property has a lot going on in the way of data merging, in the end, all of these are optional and the rightmost will win if a property exists in multiple objects

Config Data, Global Data, Flow Data, Payload Data ( payload data property always wins if provided

# domain

  • Type: string

Service domain to call

# service

  • Type: string

Service service to call

# data

  • Type: Object

Service data to send with API call

# Output

Value types:

  • sent data: data sent to Home Assistant
  • config: config properties of the node